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The Cheyenne Mountain Shooting Complex is a joint project between the U.S. Army, El Paso County, the El Paso County Sheriff and Colorado Parks and Wildlife and the U.S. Forest Service. The CMSC also received a significant contribution from The National Rifle Association (NRA). The 400 acre site sits on Army land near Interstate 25 just off mile marker 132. The entrance is located just outside Fort Carson's Gate 20 security perimeter. Shooters using the range will not have to enter Fort Carson to use the range.

The Range Complex is a three (3) phase project.
Phase one is now complete and includes 120 shooting positions across seven (7) ranges.

The second phase of the project will include the construction of five (5) skeet & trap ranges and a club house. The club house will include a retail store, classrooms and offices.

Completion of the project will occur during third phase with the addition of a restaurant.


​We have compiled an extensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page, you can find it HERE. (This link will open in a new window.)


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​​​Hours of Operation​
Restricted Caliber Info:

Summer Hours

April 1st through August 31st
Tues - Fri: 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Sat - Sun: 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Fall & Winter Hours

September 1st through March 31st

Tues - Fri: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Sat - Sun: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

.300 Winchester Magnums and .338 caliber rifles are authorized under the following restrictions:


Range Regulations

1. No conceal carry


2. No Children under the age of 6 years will be allowed on the range. No shooter under 18 may use the range facilities without adult supervision.


3. Know & obey ALL range commands and instructions given by your RSO’s (Range Safety Officers) at all times.


4. Empty Chamber Indicators (ECI) must be inserted in the chamber of all cleared firearms during all “SAFE” or “COLD” conditions on the Range.


5. Shooting will take place on designated ranges only.


6. All firearms will remain in a carrying case or in a holster, unloaded and with the magazine removed prior to reporting to your assigned range. Only remove your firearms from its carrying case or holster once you have been instructed by the RSO. Once firearms are removed from the carrying case or the holster, shooter will then place the firearm on the shooting table that has been assigned to them with the magazine removed or cylinder open, lock the bolt to the rear, place selector on safe and barrel pointed down range.


7. No armor piercing, tracer, or incendiary ammunition may be used on any range.


8. No consumption of alcohol prior is allowed. No alcoholic beverages allowed. Violators will be asked to leave the premises. No fees will be refunded.


9. Range One is limited to use by the El Paso County Sheriff’s personnel and other law enforcement Monday through Friday.


10. Ear and eye protection must be worn by everyone on the firing line.

Rates and Fees​



Daily Rates
per individual & family member

Children 6-12 years  $4.00
Active Duty Military  $8.00
Retired Military  $9.00
DOD Civilian  $9.00
Civilian  $10.00

5 Visit Punch Pass
Active Duty Military  $35.00
Retired Military  $40.00
DOD Civilian  $40.00
Civilian  $45.00


10 Visit Punch Pass
Active Duty Military  $70.00
Retired Military  $80.00
DOD Civilian  $80.00
Civilian  $90.00

25 Visit Punch Pass
Active Duty Military  $170.00
Retired Military  $190.00
DOD Civilian  $190.00
Civilian  $210.00


* Card and badge carrying law enforcement officers (active and retired) will receive a 10% discount on all range fees. *


Visa and Mastercard Accepted. 


NO reservations are required.

Range Targets

This is a photo of the type of target frames which are used at the Cheyenne Mountain Shooting Complex. They fit into a pair of 'U' brackets permanently fixed into the ground. You can build your own very easily. They are constructed using 1" x 4" lumber planks. In order to fit into the 'U' brackets, the outside dimension must be exactly 27", outside edge to outside edge. The height can be as tall as you want (the one shown here is 6'6" tall.) If you do not want to build your own target frame, CMSC will sell you one for $6.00

Click HERE for a drawing of a target.



And many more! Stay connected for class updates.

Monthly Events

February: Cupid Shuffle Shoot

April: Easter Egg Shoot

May: Mother’s Day Shoot, Memorial Day Shoot

June: Father’s Day Shoot

July: Independence Day Shoot

September: Labor Day Shoot

October: Columbus Day Shoot, The Great Pumpkin Shoot November: Veterans’ Day Shoot, Turkey Shoot


Recurring Specials Programs and Activities

1st Saturday of the month (April-September)

2nd Saturday of the month (April-September)

3rd Saturday of the month (All Year)

4th Saturday of the month (All Year)

5th Saturday of the month (All Year)


Tuesdays (All Year)

Wednesdays (All Year)

Thursdays (All Year)

Fridays (All Year)

Location & Contact Info


Cheyenne Mountain Shooting Complex
7790 Route 1
Fort Carson, CO 80913

I 25 - HWY 16 Exit #132, 

Southern Access Outside Gate #20

Phone: 719-896-6196



For weather uncertainty days check our facebook page

or call 719-896-6196




To Donate or Sponsor call 719-520-7415