​At Fort Carson’s Child, Youth & School Services (CYSS), we know you entrust to us that which you hold most dear: your children. That’s a commitment we don’t take lightly, and we strive every day to earn, and to keep, your confidence.

Today’s op-tempo presents a special challenge for Army families. We understand that personal resources can become stretched, and “battle fatigue” is all too real – not just for the uniformed soldier, but for families, as well.

CYS Services is committed to serving the unique needs of Mountain Post families through a variety of programs designed for children ages six-weeks through 18 years. All services are based on the growth and development of your child, and meet both US Army and national standards. Our seamless delivery system ensures that the same caring philosophy is followed by our dedicated staff in every program and service we offer.​


Our Philosophy:

​Fort Carson Child, Youth & School Services programs are designed to help your children develop within themselves a positive self-concept that will serve them well as they become productive adults. We strive to do this by offering a safe, healthy, and stimulating environment where children and youth feel accepted and respected for being the unique person they are:By providing a place where they have opportunities to participate in age appropriate developmental activities, as part of a group or individually, allowing for optimal, social, emotional, physical, creative, and cognitive growth.

By providing a place where they can safely express their feelings without withdrawing, fighting, or giving up their rights.By providing a place where they are free to make choices and then accept responsibility for those choices.By providing character education that will help develop and nurture a spirit of cooperation, creative problem solving, and individual responsibility which will impact positively upon their lives.

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